Meccan Exciter Supercar – Preview Photos & Details


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Meccan Exciter Supercar

Here are all the current Meccan Exciter Supercar renderings released so far. It’s design was just currently completed. All required CAD/CAM drawings and specs have been completed and are ready to proceed with the production of a rolling prototype. There are expected to be 3 versions of the Meccan Exciter available: Hard Top, Targa Top, and a Competition model.

Meccan Exciter Hardtop

Meccan Exciter Hardtop Doors Open

The Meccan Exciter utilizes a tubular chassis with extensive Carbon Fiber body work. The car will house a GM Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel engine tuned by Banks Engineering mated to either a Gearfox or Xtrac Sequential transmission. This engine should be tuned to deliver 650hp and 800ft-lbs of torque.

Meccan Exciter Hardtop Snow Meccan Exciter GT Racer Meccan Exciter Orange

Meccan Exciter Design Drawing

The Meccan Exciter is planned to be built in Toronto Canada at the now decommissioned Downsview Airforce Base. They would sell customer competition cars as well as field their own team. They are currently seeking an investor to fund the build of the first car.

Meccan Exciter Meccan Exciter Supercar Meccan Exciter Supercar

Meccan Exciter Supercar Meccan Exciter Supercar Meccan Exciter Supercar

Popa Lucian (aka Sleepy) intended to build this car together with Christopher Mahoney a former superbike racer, who has worked with the team at HTT and helped design the HTT Plethore. Popa graduated top of his class from Machine Engineering Faculty at the Technical University “Gh. Asachi” in Romani and is currently pursuing his masters degree in CAD design.

[Source: Popa Lucian]

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