Formula 1 Driver Salaries


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kimi raikkonen

Just before the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Arabian Business magazine published the salaries of several current drivers. MSN has an article listing the salaries, along with an interesting Points Per Million Dollars Spent Ratio. So which team got the best bang for their buck in terms of dollars spent on driver versus points earned in 2009? See the table below:

formula 1 driver salaries

Felipe Massa was out halfway through the season due to a severe head injury, which resulted in Giancarlo Fisichella switching from Force India to Ferrari. So those two drivers probably don’t count.

The article also mentions the widely known stat, that in 2009, after Tiger Woods, Kimi Räikkönen was the second highest paid athlete in the world. Incidentally, Räikkönen is now out of a job (Kimi Quits Formula 1) as Ferrari has given his seat to Double World Champion Fernando Alonso. I doubt he’s too concerned though.

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