Modified Ferrari 458 Italia by Oakley Design


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oakley ferrari 458

Checkout this mean looking white modified Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia video. Oakley Design has limited the number of these modified examples to 7 cars.

oakley ferrari 458

This 458 Italia has a carbon fiber roof panel, carbon fiber spoiler lip which adds 25kg of downforce, carbon fiber rear diffuser which improves stability, and carbon fiber mirror covers. Furthermore it’s air flow is improved via deeper, wider sills to improve airflow and a longer carbon fiber air intake box and engine bay panels. Total curb weight reduced by over 100kgs thanks to further refinement of carbon fiber, and forged HRE wheels (save 20kgs) and a beautiful custom titanium exhaust system (saves 32kgs).

With these modification, the Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia can reach a top speed in excess of 208mph thanks to 623bhp (up from 570bhp) and 422ft lbs of torque (up from 398 ft lbs).

oakley ferrari 458


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One Response to “Modified Ferrari 458 Italia by Oakley Design”

  1. crotchrider said on October 26th, 2010 at 11:44 am

    I trust that the speed capable of the 458 is probably closer to 208MPH, rather than 208kmh. ;-}