Carz Video by Sir Mix-A-Lot


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carz sir mix-a-lot lamborghini murcielago

AHAHAHAHA, ok first off this song has been out for a while, but this video just hit the shelves, and I must say the video is awesome! Keep in mind it’s got nothing to do with the fact that I love supercars or old school Sir Mix-A-Lot (aka Mr. Lam-bor-ghini), but everything to do with the awesome lyrics and all the call outs in this video!! Lyrics are below, can you follow along? 😉

From Cars & Coffee he raps about Lamborghini Murcielago‘s, Lamborghini LP640-4 SV, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, SSC Aero, Murdered out McLaren SLR, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche 911 GT2, Aston Martin DBS, Mercedes SL65 AMG, Corvette ZR1, Audi R8, Enzo Ferrari, Murdered out Phantoms, Ferrari 599 GTB, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, and of course the Bugatti Veyron.

Thats CatsExotics White Lamborghini LP640-4 SV making an appearance!

Sir Mix-A-Lot Likes: F1 transmissions, big wings, murdered out whips, hot shifting, stiff suspensions, Ferrari fender shields, verde ithaca, D-Cups, long hoods, V12 engine note.

Sir Mix-A-Lot Does not like: cops, rent-a-car rappers, garage queens, iced out wheels,

I wonder what color his Ferrari 458 is, didn’t seem to make the video, although he did say he had one on order when this song came out in 2008.

carz-sir-mix-a-lot ferrari 430 scuderia

carz video ferrari 430 scuderia sir-mix-a-lot


They call me Mr. Lam-bor-ghini
See Me, believe me, we be…
Hittin’ them twisties
Y’all can’t believe these crazy SV’s, Big Wings
Verde Ithica, Bright Green
Ferrari Scuderia — F1, Quick Click and See Ya
Hot shiftin’ @ 60 mils (miles) — and the Prancin’ horse on the fender shields

Maybe you’ll see us
Cars & Coffe, raise up off me
Papa might get an Enzo
or a black phantom with the smoked out windows
599 is fine, naught to 60 — 3.5
Swoop through, scoop your daughter
got a 458 on order
and my cars got miles — garage queens? that’s your style
LP560, batman grey with the CCB’s
and the LCDs, flash the peace sign cuz you can’t catch these…

I keep my right foot planted, cops can’t stand it
turn off my phone, hear these tones
I like to whip it!
I like to whip it baby!
Keep my suspension stiff, I never drift
This whip is clean; watch me shine
I like to whip it!
I like to whip it baby!

I ain’t no collector — you drive them thangs and I might respect ya
And even though I’m gettin older, I’ll ride my shit and holla “**** YOU POSERS”
(rent-a-car rappers?) **** YOU POSERS!
(iced out wheels?) **** YOU POSERS!
Hood long — Big coupe but it’s still got balls
Murderd out, black ferrari, 612 Scag parties
Out at Tom’s house — he got the big white Phantom — Chrome mouth
Try to catch my crew — **** us? **** you too!
Porsche CGT — Big pimpin’ at the RTC
Clicked up, whips up, pickin up D-cup chicks up
The sound of Mike’s Gallardo — sometimes I follow
North West Auto Salon — Clean the whips, shine em, then gone
and Benchmark makes it pound, y’all should hear this fuckin’ sound!


Carbon Fiber — Guts fat; SLR in Matte Black
Couple that with a GT2 and finish my garage with a Drophead Coupe
my LP 640 — Doors up when I’m actin’ naughty
Whatchu know ‘bout a veyron — Bugatti shakes the body like heroin
Can you **** with the SSC — production shit hittin 260?!
And the Yankees come — with the Corvette ZR1
GT….C — nothin floats like a droptop Bentley
CL….63 — 22’s on an MBZ
And I’ll Everyday an R8 — hit the spot and they hate
Aston Martin DB….S — Interior blessed
And even when i’m low-key, I’m in a fat S-Class on HRE’s
6-5 AM….G, Push start and **** the keys!

Hook x3

carz video lamborghini murcielago sir-mix-a-lot

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