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“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a package being delivered? Probably not. Why would you? Well now your going to find out, wether you like it or not, with the all new Mercedes S-Class.

After spending a couple hours at Victoria Star Motors and checking out some of their fine as wine inventory, two things are for certain. They have two of the most insane sportscars on the planet sitting side by side. And two…the new S-Class is the absolute polar opposite, and even more splendid in every possible way.

The SLR is a roaring and very angry love child birthed in concert between Mercedes and McLaren, that can tear your face off and make your eyes water with its 600+ horsepower supercharged V8. The all new 2014 S-Class however will practically put you to sleep, a comfortable sleep, not a you’re dead sleep like the insane love child. Read the rest of my visit here.

[Source: Will Flesher]

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