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Koenigsegg One:1 – The Perfect Equation

For over 2 decades, Christian von Koenigsegg has pushed the limits of designing hyper-cars, and his most recent masterpiece the Koenigsegg One:1 is a culmination of this experience.

The Koenigsegg One:1 predecessor platform Koenigsegg Agera R wis by every standard, an engineering masterpiece, and a remarkable milestone for the company, but for Christian, it was not enough. Koenigsegg has kept doing what it’s best at; pushing the limits of design and materials engineering. Despite all doubting critics, in 2014, the company released this latest Sweedish monster which delivers a whopping 1360 PS, which equates to 1341 horsepower against a curb weight of 1360kg; hence the moniker One:1. One horsepower per Kilogram has always been the holy grail of automotive design.


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