F-Bomb: The all new Ford GT


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Looks like this year’s North American International Autoshow is going to be an exciting one. On the first day, both the new Acura NSX and new Ford GT have been unveiled just hours apart. Although both are just as exciting, the NSX reveal has been slightly muted by the fact that we have seen it before. The new Ford GT however, has all eyes on it as a jaw dropping beautiful surprise.

When Ford decided to resurrect the GT nameplate in about a decade ago to pay homage to their legendary GT40 race car that not only beat Ferrari at LeMans, a race that they were dominating, but they also made a flawless 1-2-3 victory in their first race.  The previous Ford GT had a very prominent retro-theme to it, with an exterior and interior based off the design of the old GT40. This new one however, is a modern, even futuristic in it’s demeanor.

Both the GT40 and the GT were powered by a mid-mounted V8, just as you would expect an American supercar should have. Ford has not decided to continue on this tradition, and stuffed a 3.5-liter “EcoBoost” V6. But fret not, as Ford says that it’s good for 600 horsepower. The power from this twin-turbo engine is going to be fed through a twin-clutch seven-speed transmission. Ford has yet to release any other performance numbers, but expect it to be very fast, as it will “exhibit one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car”. This will be achieved by reducing weight of the car through advanced chassis materials. The GT will be made from a carbon tub with aluminum spaceframe extensions at each end, wrapped in carbon fiber body panels.

In order to help with handling, the new Ford GT will employ fully-active aerodynamics to improve braking and downforce. It will also wear 20-inch wheels wrapped in super sticky custom Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 tired. Braking will come courtesy of some large carbon ceramic brakes.

No price has been officially announced for the Ford GT, but expect it to go on sale by sometime next year.

Photos: Courtesy of @sergiolanfranchi

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