Spotted: Porsche Boxster R


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The Porsche Cayman GT4 has been spotted testing for a couple of months now, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Cayman’s soft-top brother, the Boxster, will be getting a more hardcore version as well. If reports at are to believed, these are the first images of the new Porsche Boxster R.

This new Boxster R, if that is what it will be called, has some of the same performance upgrades over the current Boxster S as the Cayman GT4 that has been spied. The front air intakes are larger, as well as the addition of a new air outlet above the front bumper, similar to the one found on the 911 GT3. Another tell tale that this will be a faster version of the Boxster is the fixed rear spoiler not found on the current Boxster line up.

With the previous generation Porsche Boxster, there was a hardcore variant known as the Boxster Spyder. It was essentially a stripped out, lightweight version of the car without a retractable soft-top mechanism. Instead it came with a manually removable cloth top on a carbon fiber frame that was either left at home or attached on like a targa top. This new Boxster does not seem to be following in its footsteps, as the retractable soft top found on the other Boxster models still seems to be present.

Porsche is keeping their lips tightly sealed before the official reveal of the car. No word on power output or weight has been officially released, however expect it to have more power and weigh less than that of the current Boxster S.

Source: Piston Heads

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