2016 Ferrari FF Spied


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The Ferrari FF is the car nobody expected Ferrari to make and if I am honest, a bit of an odd ball in the line up. Fundamentally, it is a 2 door wagon-ish looking car, otherwise known as a “shooting brake”, with an extremely complicated all-wheel drive system and a glorious twelve cylinder engine in the front. The 6.3 L naturally aspirated V12 is essentially a de-tuned version of the one found in the Ferrari F12, and in this case makes 651 horsepower and 594 lb-ft of torque. When it debuted in 2011, it took everyone by surprise. Now it looks like Ferrari will be releasing an updated version in 2016.

Spy shots of a slightly face lifted FF has been making its rounds throughout the automotive online communities. From the photos, the car looks to be an early test mule, with a heavily disguised front end. Visual changes that can be seen include a bigger front grille and air intakes. However, the biggest news here is that Ferrari will continue to keep that ridiculous V12 instead of going the smaller displacement/forced induction route that many people feared. Rumour is that it will get a power bump to around 700 horsepower (!).  It is also likely that Ferrari will ditch the current seven-speed dual clutch transmission in favour for a new eight speed dual clutch that they have been working on.

Currently the Ferrari FF has a starting price of $349,900 CAD, so expect the updated version to stay around that price.

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One Response to “2016 Ferrari FF Spied”

  1. Amit Ahuja said on February 6th, 2015 at 12:39 am

    Spying a Ferrari is almost as finding a jewel in mud. The newer version is not much updated rather just a few tweaks.