BullFest 2015 Miami Lamborghini Run


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BullFest 2015 – Miami Edition

2015 marks the 7th year that Driving Force Club’s BullFest Lamborghini Run and the first time that it will be held outside of New York. This year, many Lamborghini owners did not want to wait until May for the BullFest, so it is being held on Sunday, March 1st in Miami, Florida. MadWhips.com CEO WhipDaddy will be covering the event LIVE from SomenM 2014 DMC Lamborghini Aventador.

Since 2007, the BullFest has been a fixture in the calendar of Lamborghini owners across North America. Over 50 Lamborghinis are brought together to take part in a thrilling drive and fun day of hearing all those roaring Italian Bulls. Over a dozen cars are being shipped from the New York are alone, as well as several from Canada.

This year’s BullFest will include activities that include a morning breakfast and gathering in Miami, followed by a group drive, and wrap up with a luncheon. As usual, the exact details of BullFest will only be revealed to the participants.  The participation fee is $125 and to register please visit www.drivingforceclub.com

DMC Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Take OFF

[Source: DrivingForceClub.com]

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