New 1,341 hp Electric Megacar To Debut At Monaco


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First there was the “supercar”. Then came the era of the “hypercar”, coined to represent a step beyond the “supercar”. Now we live in an era of “megacars”, with the term stemming from the fact that there are cars that make over one megawatt, or 1,341 hp, of power. The Koenigsegg One:1 is the first, and so far only, official production car to have such power. Now, however, there is another company that is promising to give the public another “megacar”. Finnish company Toroidion is set to debut their 1MW electric supercar at the Top Marques Monaco this April.

While Koenigsegg has been making cars for over a decade now, Toroidion doesn’t have a history of products to prove to the public that they can deliver on their promise. It is safe to say that there are many people including me, who are apprehensive of the fact that an unknown car manufacturer is going to make a 1,341 horsepower electric megacar and sell it to the public. Nevertheless, any doubts should be deferred until a car is delivered, or is driven by a member of the automotive press.

If the car does turn out to be indeed real, then it should be, by any standards, an amazing engineering achievement. To make that much claimed horsepower reliable and streetable from an all-electric drivetrain would be astonishing. Currently, the only pure electric vehicle making anywhere close to that much power is the Tesla Model S P85D, which at 661 hp from two electric motors, still only makes less than half the claimed output of the 1MW

So far there are no details of weight, drivetrain layout, price, or performance from the 1MW. Toroidion has released a set of teaser images that show the supposed silhouette of the 1MW. Only time will tell if Toroidion will deliver on their alleged megacar. Until then, take their claim of delivering an electric “megacar” with a grain of salt.

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