Dubai Police Release Video of Ridiculous Fleet


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Dubai is known as a place of excess wealth. Seriously, exotic cars worth well over a couple hundred thousand dollars are gold plated, chromed out, and outlandishly decorated because having a stock Ferrari or Lamborghini is just simply too common for the people of Dubai. Even the police force has a fleet of vehicles that one could only dream of.

Here in Canada, the police fleet ranges from cars like the ubiquitous Dodge Charger, to Ford Taurus’, and even some Ford Explorers. In Dubai, however, these run-of-the-mill cars simply don’t make the cut. You would be hard pressed to find a car that could outrun the police in Dubai. They have cars ranging from a Mercedes-Benz G Wagen, to Lamborghini Aventadors, and even the blistering fast Bugatti Veyron.

The Dubai Police force thought it was appropriate to make a video to show the rest of the world how great and wealthy they are. Watch the video below and be amazed at the sheer amount of horsepower included in this minute and a half showcase of the Dubai Police fleet.

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