McLaren Confirms New Sport Series Variants


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From a business standpoint, McLaren has done really well to mitigate the high cost of a small, high-performance car manufacturer by producing many models with the same components, albeit modified to fit the proper application. They use modified versions of their 3.8L twin turbo V8 and the same basic carbon fiber monocoque construction in every car they currently make. So it should be no surprise that McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has confirmed in an interview with Car & Driver that they are planning to produce quite a few different variants of their new Sport Series entry-level car when it finally debuts in the near future.

As it stands, McLaren has currently two different “series” of cars. They have their “Ultimate Series” that consists of the McLaren P1 and P1 GTR, as well as the “Super Series” that consists of the Mclaren 650S coupe and spyder, the 675 LT that they just introduced in Geneva, and the 625C that is produced for the Asian market. Like the Super Series, McLaren has stated that they will produce a coupe and convertible version of their newest car. They will also make a detuned version, similar to the 625C, and will continue with the “C” designation. Additionally, they will also offer an “S” version down the line as a more powerful version. However, don’t expect McLaren to skimp out on the performance just because it will be their entry-level car. Power is expected to stay in the 500 hp range, with 550 hp the most likely scenario in terms of power.

In terms of price, the new Sport Series will be their entry-level offering. McLaren says that they are aiming to price it between the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S. This means that we could potentially see a McLaren in the $150,000 USD range. They will do this by leaving the active suspension and aero for the Super Series and sharing the basic architecture of the other cars.

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