RWD Lamborghini Huracan Is Coming


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Ever since Audi took ownership of Lamborghini way back in 1998, they have been injecting some of their own German DNA in to the brand’s Italian roots. One such example is when Lamborghini decided it should have it’s cars send power to all four wheels, following suit of their parent company Audi whose Quattro AWD system has gained the brand fame worldwide. Since the Diablo VT (Viscous Traction), their first AWD car, Lamborghini has engineered all their newer models have been sending power to all four wheels. However, they did make a limited run of RWD Gallardos, dubbed the LP550-2 Balboni Edition, to thank head test driver Valentino Balboni for his amazing 40 years of service. Now UK magazine, EVO, has confirmed that the raging bull is planning on releasing a rear wheel drive version of their new Huracan supercar.

EVO UK has confirmed that there will be two RWD Huracan variants in the near future. This is interesting as the Huracan is very early in it’s product cycle, while the Gallardo was quite late in it’s product cycle when the Balboni Edition was introduced. This might signal a slight shift in the brands ethos, possibly to differentiate themselves some more from parent company Audi. As it stands, the Huracan and the new R8 ride on the same platform, share drivetrains, and share many of the same parts. However, as AWD is ingrained in Audi’s brand image, it is very unlikely they will follow suit with a RWD R8 variant. One of the RWD Huracans would most likely be a track focused not unlike the previous Gallardo Superleggera and would most likely target the new Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 675 LT. The other RWD version would probably be a “base” version of the Huracan with a little less power. At the end of it’s lifecycle, Lamborghini briefly decided to sell a less powerful RWD version of the Gallardo as the entry-level. This new Huracan would follow in a similar fashion.

This is exciting news for the Italian automaker as this will change the way the Huracan fundamentally drives. The Huracan will be a completely animal all together. Journalists have been criticizing Lamborghini for “going soft” in recent years because they were  once a brand that made crazy, outlandish cars that only the brave would dare push it’s limits. Nowadays, the current, Audi-fied Lamborghini has made it’s cars easier to drive for everyone who doesn’t think they are Balboni. While its easy to criticize, Lamborghini has sold more Gallardos than if you added all the sales for every other model they have ever made. Why is this viewed as a negative? The money that this strategy has made them has allowed them to work on other freakishly proper Lamborghini projects as well. The limited-run Sesto Elemento is pretty much a Lotus Elise on a couple of caffeine pills and some steriods. Now imagine if all 570 horsepower were going to only the rear wheels. Now that would be a raging bull.

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