Porsche Confirms Boxster Spyder


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The 911 range is the defacto go-to Porsche for the wealthy, the driving enthusiasts have always known that the Boxster/Cayman twins are the sweet spot in the range. The smaller mid-engine sports cars have inherently a better balance as well as less weight to throw around but the relative lack of power has always held the Boxster/Cayman twins from being the best that it could be. Although Porsche has just recently released the new Cayman GT4, they have officially announced that the Boxster Spyder is coming this year.

This news shouldn’t be too surprising for the Porsche fans out there. Once the hardcore Cayman GT4 debuted, rumours were flying that the Boxster was too going to receive a more focused version. Moreover, the last generation Boxster also spawned a Spyder variant late in it’s lifecycle. It was a Boxster that did not have a electronic roof as it came with a canvas top that you manually put in. Weighing in at a spritely 2,811 lbs, at the time it was the lightest new Porsche you can purchase. However, it isn’t certain that this new Boxster Spyder will follow the same philosophy as the previous one as Porsche held back on the juicy details when it made the announcement.

The Cayman GT4 is the result of Porsche’s motorsports division, known as Porsche GT, using their knowledge from racing and applying it to the Cayman. This means that it uses the same front suspension set up from the 991 generation 911 GT3 as well as a proprietary rear suspension developed especially for the Cayman GT4. Moreover it has many adjustable settings for the front and rear anti-roll bars as well as the front and rear aerodynamics. This is important because it would make sense if Porsche did something similar with the new Boxster Spyer to spread the cost of development and manufacturing, however the last Boxster Spyder was not a product from Porsche GT. This makes it unclear whether Porsche GT will get their hands on the new Boxster Spyder and make it an open top version of the Cayman GT4, or whether Porsche decides to make it an evolution of the previous Boxster Spyder and work on the car themselves without the help of their motorsports division.

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