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Where there is money, there is a way. Even though production of the Pagani Zonda officially ended production with the track-only Zonda Revolucion, special custom made Zondas for wealthy clients willing to pay a premium have been popping up. The latest bespoke Zonda broke cover on the internet last night and it is called the “ZoZo”.

Wealthy Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezaw, founder of Japan’s biggest online fashion mall Zozotown, ordered the custom Zonda and is where it gets its name from. The ZoZo is similar in build to Lewis Hamilton’s 760 LH. It receives the same AMG derived 7.3L naturally aspirated V12 which produces 760 hp and incredible carbon-titanium monocoque construction. However, as this is a bespoke car, it does some have differences between it and other Zondas. The ZoZo receives an additional rear taillight above the regular triple light stack (which have been blackened on the ZoZo) on other Zondas and is said to be inspired by early renderings of the Zonda R. It also seems that the ZoZo will not have the rear dorsal fin seen on the 760 LH. To be clear, the ZoZo is a completely new chassis built and is not an upgrade to an existing Zonda as some other custom Zondas are.

The successor to the Pagani Zonda, the Pagani Huayra, debuted at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show and has officially sold out on its 100 unit limited production run. However, there is supposed to be a roadster version coming soon. The Huayra made the switch from a naturally aspirated V12 to a smaller twin-turbo V12, both of which are supplied by AMG. Although the Huayra was supposed to signal the end of the Zonda, customers have requested to make custom Zondas for them. No prices have been released for these bespoke Zondas, however they are all definitely in the realm of the 7-figure price tag.

Source: Prototype 0

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