Swiss Investors buy De Tomaso


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Italian automaker De Tomaso, famous for Pantera supercar in the 1980’s, was a celebrated brand in it’s heyday. They made gorgeous Italian styled supercars such as the Mangusta, Vallelunga, and of course the Pantera. However, they unfortunately went into liquidation back in 2004. Now it looks like De Tomaso may relive again, as the rights to the automaker have just been acquired by L3 Holdings, a Swiss investment group.

Founded in 1959 by Argentinean born Alejandro De Tomaso, the automaker originally made prototypes and racing cars, most notably the Formula One car for the Williams’ team in 1970. De Tomaso at one point owned Italian automaker Maserati (1976-1993) and motorcycle producer Moto Guzzi (1973-1993). After Alejandro De Tomaso’s death in 2003, the automaker went bankrupt. Afterwards the brand’s trademark was bought by Gian Mario Rossignolo, a former Fiat executive. His ambitious plan to produce 8,000 new vehicles never saw past the drawing board as he too drove the Italian automaker to the ground in 2012. As you can see, De Tomaso hasn’t had too much luck in recent years, but this new acquisition looks optimistic in the least.

According to reports, L3 Holdings acquired the rights to De Tomaso at a price of 2 million Euros, beating out bids from the Italian firm Eos Group and China’s Consolidated Ideal TeamVenture. L3 Holdings is said to hire about 360 employees at their new manufacturing plant in Turin, Italy. A new mid-engined sports car is said to be produced in the new plant. I hope they bring back the Pantera, I think people would come in flocks to the dealerships if they revive the name. Only time will tell if L3 can turn De Tomaso into a successful brand again.

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