End Of An Era: A Salute To Jeremy Clarkson


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Today is a sad day in the automotive sphere. As you are probably already aware, the BBC has issued a statement today about the “fracas” that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson was involved in on March 4th. Without getting into too much detail about the statement, the main point to take away is that Jeremy Clarkson has been fired from the BBC and he will not have his contract renewed next year as was planned. Although Clarkson should have known better than to  verbally and physically assault Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon, let’s not focus on his wrongdoing, instead let’s take a look at why he is loved by automotive enthusiasts around the globe.

The current format of Top Gear that we all know and love has been on the air since 2002, but that’s not where the show began. The first Top Gear TV episode aired in 1977, with Jeremy Clarkson joining the crew in 1988. Although not solely because of Clarkson, the show started to become a big hit as it became funnier and very controversial, which is what Top Gear is known for today. Throughout the years, Jeremy has never kept his mouth shut about his thoughts, good or bad, about the cars on the show. This is what separated Top Gear from other automotive shows.

I have been watching Top Gear regularly for at least  10 years now. I can honestly say that without Top Gear, I, nor many automotive enthusiasts around the world, would not have the same passion for cars that we do today. To alot of people, cars are often looked at as appliances that transport them from point A to point B. Top Gear, and in particular Jeremy, has illustrated the concept to the world that a car can stir up a person’s soul. Cars can provoke many emotions as they cater to each of the five senses in a way that provokes passion that no other piece of machinery can do. Jeremy Clarkson’s famous metaphors when reviewing cars usually describe the cars perfectly, whether he is comparing owning a TVR to owning a bear, or saying that the air-conditioning in old Lamborghinis was akin to getting coughed on by a mouse, or the time he compared racing cars to porn films, his metaphors were usually met with laughter and a head nod in agreement. Who could not love Jeremy yelling “POWERRR!” as he took off in some wild supercar on the Dunsfold Top Gear Test Track. And although he managed to piss off almost every country once, this was partly why Top Gear was so entertaining to watch.This is not to say that his co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond weren’t as entertaining as Jeremy, it’s just that he was never afraid of saying what was on his mind, even if his big mouth did get him in trouble quite often. The on-screen chemistry between the three hosts never felt faked or forced, it felt as though they were conveying their actual emotions and thoughts to each other as they were the best of friends. No other motoring show has managed to quite capture this chemistry between the hosts.

If the BBC does decide to continue to air Top Gear, it just wouldn’t be the same now that Jeremy Clarkson is officially gone. There is this sense of absence now, the sense that there is something missing. Top Gear, at least the era with Jeremy Clarkson, will live on by the many Youtube videos, Streetfire full episode uploads, and the seasons currently on Netflix. Mr. Clarkson, I tip my hat to you. To me, you are the greatest television host….in the world.

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