More Powerful Jaguar F-Type Spotted


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With a range of engines that include 2 supercharged V6s and a supercharged V8, the gorgeous Jaguar F-Type is not a car that you might think of needing more power. Video reviews of the V8 F-Type in particular usually include many smoky burnouts and drifts. So when news broke this week that a new, more powerful version was spotted testing at the Nurburgring, it was a bit of a surprise.

Spy shots of the new Jaguar F-Type have surfaced on the which reveal some interesting details. From the pictures, one of the most obvious differences between this new F-Type and the current production versions is the addition of a large fixed rear spoiler for more downforce. Also, a new set of larger rims are seen to be accommodating a bigger brake set-up with carbon ceramic brake discs. Moreover, it is likely that this new F-Type will also get a stiffer suspension upgrade over the current V8S F-Type. Curiously, however, the front end seems to be unchanged, with this test mule sporting a bumper that is almost identical to the current F-Types. Not that this is a problem, as the F-Type is absolutely stunning to begin with. However, it is what’s under the hood that has the internet buzzing.

Power is expected to be supplied by an upgraded version of the supercharged 5.0L V8 that is in the V8S F-Type. This version is said to be producing around 580-600 horsepower, a healthy upgrade to the already bonkers 550 horsepower in the V8S. All this extra grunt should help burn the tires off the car faster than before, not like it ever needed it. Still, it is great to see that Jaguar is not afraid to add more power to their cars. If Jaguar keeps to its nomenclature for this car, it will most likely be called the F-Type R-S.

Head on over to Autoblog to check out the spy pictures.

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