Android Auto:New In-Car Infotainment System from Google


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Every Car model has a different interface for its navigation and infotainment system. Most of them lag or don’t work as well as expected. Google proposed a solution last year and it is finally here. Luxury car manufacturers such as Bentley, Maserati and Audi, and more mainstream manufacturers such as Hyundai, Ford, Honda, Nissan and many others, are partnering with Google to adopt Android Auto in their upcoming models. Korean automaker Hyundai is the first manufacturer to integrate this system and it is available in the 2015 Sonata.

Google designed Android Auto to increase safety of drivers. As it is known about 25% of accidents occur due to cell phone usage. In order to reduce this, Google decided to integrate smartphone capabilities to the infotainment system in cars which will display maps, music and essential apps.

Since Google voice is the best in speech recognition, this will control all the features. Google Maps will be used for voice-guided navigation, live traffic information and lane guidance. Unlike the smartphone, Android Auto will only display relevant information to minimize distractions for the driver. It will also stream music or play stored music directly from the phone with the same connection.

Android Auto is easy to setup as it connects Android phone (Device must run Android 5.0 Lollipop) to the USB port in the car. The car’s stock display changes to the new connected infotainment system where the User Interface will be similar to the phone. The phone syncs all contacts so that everything could be controlled using voice. Familiar Google Now cards will show timely notifications based on calendar entries and history.

Users familiar with Android will have no problems using Android Auto due to similar User Interfaces. It provides big buttons for drivers, which reduce distraction from the road. It syncs contacts and calendars to provide timely remainders and music for entertainment. It supports only essential apps for any pop up messages or notifications. And finally the most important feature would be the Google Maps for navigation which will work very similar to the Android app.

Sources:, USA Today

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