Lamborghini Urus To Hit The Production Line


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The official word has finally come out, Italian automaker Lamborghini is going to be producing its 2012 concept SUV: The Urus. Since it’s release at the Beijing Motor Show back in 2012 Lamborghini has been contemplating the idea of producing the Urus alongside the Huracan and Aventador. All it’s been waiting for is the go-ahead from the Mother Ship: Volkswagen.

Lamborghini has stated that the Urus could be the fastest SUV in the field exceeding 600 horsepower. It will also be one of the lightest thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre. Urus has design features in common with the firm’s iconic sports cars such as similar lights to the Huracan and the same shaped vents as the Gallardo.

The Urus is set to come with an abundance of tech inside, such as cameras and TV screens that replace wing mirrors, and an adjustable spoiler to make aerodynamics more efficient depending on the road surface it’s driven on. Lamborghini claims the Urus will offer the lowest CO2 figure of all comparable SUVs, because it is a hybrid.

It’s reported that Lamborghini has been in talks with the Italian government to make sure it could afford to put the SUV into production. And it has been rumored that the chassis as well as some other parts could be made at Volkswagen factories, which already make components for the Cayenne to cut costs too. There’s even a chance the Urus could also share a V10 engine with Audi’s RSQ7, because once again the Mother Ship: Volkswagen.

We are hoping to see the Urus (if that’s even what it will be called) hit the sales floor by 2017, and are extremely excited to see what steps Lamborghini will take to turn this from concept to production.

Sources: Daily Mail

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