Zagato gifts il Mostro Nuovo for Maserati’s 100th Anniversary


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Maserati celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014 and this is still being continued in 2015 as Zagato introduced their new Maserati powered il Mostro Nuovo. Zagato is a coach building company that has previously worked with other manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo to re-create the TZ2 of the sixties and Dodge Viper ACR.

The il Mostro Nuovo is heavily influenced by the original Maserati 450S which was made in 1957. It was powered by 4.4L Short Stroke V8 engine which generated 400 BHP at 7200 rpm. This car was raced by Stirling Moss at Le Mans but failed to finish.

The 2015 il Mostro Nuovo looks very similar to the 450S but the body has been changed to Carbon Fibre and steel tube structure to make the car lighter and stronger. It will have a 4.2 Litre Maserati V8 engine mounted in the Front-Mid. The rear wheel is connected to the engine through a 6-speed transaxle for even weight distribution.

Since the car does not meet European or U.S. safety and emission regulations it will primarily be a track car. There will only be five cars produced and those are already presold to one in Gulf, two in Europe and two in Japan. All cars expected to be completed before December.

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