New Hypercar from Ferrari!


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If you thought LaFerrari was Hypercar, Ferrari is producing an exclusive track car named the FXX K. This car is known to be the successor of FXX which was also track car. Even though FXX K looks very similar to La Ferrari, the rear of both cars is a whole different story.

The new Hypercar has a 6.3 Litre centre mounted V-12 engine which produce 848 BHP coupled with an electric motor to produce 187 BHP. The combined output is a mammoth 1035 BHP. The electric motor is Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) enabled which is where the K after the FXX originates. The camshafts were redesigned for air intakes and it uses the same Seven Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission from the LaFerrari and has four drive modes.

The whole car including the driver and passenger seats are made of Carbon Fibre. Ferrari says “[This car] will never be used in competition”. Analysts believe that this car will help in Ferrari’s Research and Development and only very few cars are expected to be out for sale.

Sources: Top Gear

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