Maserati Boomerang Heading to Auction


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It’s not every day that a vintage concept car goes up for sale. Even more so, when that car is a one-off, crafted by the Giorgetto Giugiaro in his Italdesign studio. The Boomerang, a signature concept car of the 1970’s, originally displayed at the 1971 Turin Motor Show, is set to cause a stir as a highlight lot of Bonohams 5 September Chantilly Sale.

Based on the Maserati Bora, The Boomerang packs a V8 engine pushing out 300 horsepower and 186 miles per hour. However, what really sets it apart is the dramatic angular and geometric shape that could only have been penned by Giugiaro. Never put into production, it’s design was said to have influenced the original Golf designed for Volkswagen shortly thereafter – to say nothing of the BMW M1, DeLorean DMC-12, Lotus Esprit, and so many others.

Bonhams specialist Philip Kantor quoted its pre-sale estimate range at €3-4 million. As Kantor points out, “It’s a unique, road registered concept car by the best car designer of the 20th century, so in comparative terms it’s very realistic.”

We’re looking forward to watching the bids climb for this piece of history on September 5th.

Source: AutoBlog

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