NO MORE Nürburgring Lap Record Runs


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The era of manufacturers setting lap records around the famed Nürburgring are coming to an end. After a March crash that saw a GT-R flip and fly into a spectator area, killing a bystander and leading to a temporary ban, the news has been made official.

Although there is no ‘official ban’, the German motorsports’ governing body has set speed limits for specific sections of the track. These limits don’t prevent manufacturers from attempting to set times, but they do prevent any timing from being even remotely competitive as other manufacturers previously circulated the track unrestricted.

Lamborghini recently ran the track in an incredible 6:59 in the Aventador SV, barely squeezing by the restriction window that was made official the following day.

Koenigsegg had hoped to post the newest lap record with their Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar, but was informed that the speed limits are now official. Christian von Koenigsegg explained that the One:1 would likely manage upwards of 186mph, but with the limits posted at 155mph the advantages gained by the car’s massive power to weight ratio are useless.
As it stands, the Radical SR8 LM holds the current Nürburgring street-legal production car record of 6:48 and for the time being will remain uncontested.


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