The Blacklist Rally


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The Blacklist Rally is a 1,400 km rally that begins in Toronto (July 23rd) and ends in Niagara Falls. It is scheduled to take place from July 23rd-26th and make stops in destinations such as Ottawa (July 24th), Montreal (July 25th), Syracuse (July 26th) and Niagara Falls (26th). During the four-day venture, this 50-exotic car rally passes through 38 towns making various stops allowing spectators to appreciate and photograph this plethora of exotics. Although the city checkpoints have been announced, the specific route of the BlackList will remain highly confidential until the day of departure.

This is an exciting 4-day rally across two countries, designed to ignite automotive passion and have fun along the way. Teams of high performance sports cars will be competing to discover who are the best of the BlackList, as well as tour various North American terrain.

If you want more information about the rally, or are interested in signing up be sure to check out

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