Ferrari 488 Spider Pictures


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The most powerful V8 Ferrari with a retractable hard-top is here, the new Ferrari 488 Spider. Using the twin-turbo 660hp 3.9-Litre seen in the 488 GTB, the Spider accelerates zero to 100km/hr in a mere 3.0 seconds, and zero to 200km/hr in 8.7 seconds not letting up steam until 203 mph.

The folding hard-top is 25kg lighter than a fabric roof and it takes 14 seconds for the top to open and close both ways. The weight infraction due to the hard-top is minimal, weighing 1420kg- just 50kg more than the coupe and 10kg less than the 458 Spider. The new 488 Spider is also the most aerodynamically efficient topless Ferrari ever made; a pair of flying buttresses behind the cabin sends the airflow towards the engine while the rear spoiler is transferred from the GTB.

Ferrariā€™s number crunching declares a 12% faster acceleration out of corners, as well as a 23% increase in torsional rigidity in the frame; impressive upgrades from the 458 Spider. Ferrari will be officially unveiling the 488 Spider to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in this coming September, and track times will hopefully follow shortly after.


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