Aston-Martin Rapide EV aims at Tesla


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Photo Credit: rpm_ch

Aston-Martin manufactures all of their beautiful cars with high-powered V8 and V12 engines to propel them with incredible thrust down the tarmac. These eight and twelve cylinder engines are not only capable of ludicrous speeds, but they also give off a wonderful noise that helps keep the driving experience as visceral as possible. However, due to increasingly tight emissions and fuel consumption regulations, it is getting harder and harder for any manufacturer to exclusively build cars with high-performance internal combustion engines. Therefore, manufacturers are turning to alternative methods of propulsion, such as turbocharging and electrification.

Photo Credit: VancouverExoticx

Aston-Martin CEO Andy Palmer recently confirmed to Automotive News that there is already an electric Rapide development car on the road, stating “If you want to keep making V12 engines, then you’ve got to do something at the opposite end of the spectrum.” This car is aimed directly at the Tesla Model S, in particular the top end high performance P85D trim. Palmer indicated that the Rapide EV will be performance oriented to better fit with the brand ethos rather than purely focusing on being “green”. Currently, Aston-Martin offers the Rapide and the Rapide S with their tried and true 5.9L V12. To help the British firm develop the electric Rapide, they have had help from an undisclosed partner in Silicon Valley, however Palmer has stated that that partner would not be Tesla.

This is a new direction that Aston-Martin is taking; however it is necessary if they want to stay relevant and ahead of the game. Electrification has obvious benefits, such as refinement and instant torque, over a conventional gasoline engine. Aston-Martin’s line-up consists of mostly grand-touring cars, so electric motors could do a lot to benefit them. Moreover, if electrification lets them to continue to build their glorious V8s and V12s, then I say bring it on!

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