Justin Wilson Has Succumbed To His Injuries


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Last night, the Wilson family announced that Justin Wilson, 37, IndyCar racer and former Formula One racer, passed away at Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest Hospital. This is a sad moment for not only the IndyCar racing community, but for all racing enthusiasts.

Photo Credit: crash.net

Last Sunday, during the ABC Supply 500 IndyCar race, another driver crashed in front of Wilson and the nose cone flew off the racecar and struck Wilson in the head. The impact left him unconscious as he was going at speed around the track. Once stopped, he was transported to the hospital still unconscious. Wilson was in a coma until he passed away last night.

Our prayers go out to the Wilson family during this immensely tough time. However, let’s hope that Justin’s death is at least not in vain and it opens up conversation about the safety of open-wheel racing.

Open-wheel racing is a traditional form of racing that has been around since the inception of racing automobiles. The experience is like no other, but as last Sunday’s race has shown us, it has an extra element of danger to it. As an audience, we relish the fact that these men have the cajones to race these incredible open wheeled machines at over 200 mph. However, the governing body must do something to make them safer.

Photo Credit: Fox Sports

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