Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo


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Before the release of Bugatti’s Veyron replacement, dubbed “Chiron”, the French marque is set to debut a concept known as the Vision Gran Turismo. This concept is one of many in a series of concept cars that are made specifically for the Playstation game Gran Turismo. However, what makes this one special, is that it is in fact a real, physical car that will be shown at this month’s Frankfurt Auto Show.



Just look at it! It has a dorsal fin, a massive roof scoop, a humongous spoiler, center quad exhaust pipes, and its bright blue! Even the eight recessed L.E.D lights are aggressive. Bugatti has obviously gone to great lengths to design this car as extreme as possible. Perhaps it’s a meant to be a big middle finger to the critics of the Veyron’s design, which many people said was uninspiring and dull. This might be a look into the future of Bugatti’s design language, and possibly a hint at what the Chiron might look like.

The Vision Gran Turismo concept has taken design cues from the past, as well as having a “vision” for the future. It harks back to the 1937 and 1939 24 hours of Le Mans winner, the Bugatti Type 57 G Tank, with the two-tone blue paint scheme. However, it is clearly not a retro styled car.


Be sure to look out for this outrageous car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs September 17th through September 27th.




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