Turbocharge All The 911s!


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Another day, another “Porsche Purist” crying over the slow, inevitable “death” of their beloved sports car icon. This comes as Porsche releases details on the refreshed 991 generation 911 (which only came out 3 years ago).



Ever since the late 1990’s 993 generation Porsche 911s made way for the 996 generation, Porsche die-hard fans everywhere have been moaning and complaining about the slow death that each subsequent generation brings with them. This is because the 993 was the last generation to have an air-cooled engine. The current 991 generation brought on a whole list of upgrades improvements that Porsche fans lamented. Gone was the feel of hydraulic steering, gone was the famed Metzger engine, gone was the manual transmission on the Turbo and GT3 models. Now, with Porsche’s announcement of their new 911, diehards have another thing to cry about: the death of their beloved naturally aspirated engines!

Yes, Porsche has killed off the naturally aspirated engines in the base Carrera and Carrera S models. They have been replaced by smaller, turbocharged engines. Power now comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.0L flat six engine in both the Carrera and Carrera S, down from 3.6L and 3.8L respectively. However, with the turbochargers comes a 20 hp and 44 lb-ft hike in power in both models, which equates to 370 hp and 330 lb-ft for the base 911, and 420 and 368 lb-ft for the S model. BOO! For progress. But on the bright side, Porsche have stated that the GTS and the GT3/GT3RS models will stay NA. Self proclaimed “purists”, you can wipe your tears now.


This comes at a time where government regulations for fuel economy and emissions are becoming ever more stringent. More and more automakers are looking to forced induction to meet these requirements, as well as their own performance needs. Porsche, a small subsidiary of VW group, makes pretty much only high performance vehicles. Moving to forced induction was inevitable. Plus, let’s not forget they have been heavy into turbocharging since the 1978, when the first 911 Turbo model came out.






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