Porsche Mission E Concept


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One of the most surprising, and intriguing, cars from this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show is the Porsche Mission E Concept car. Not only does it host a fury of revolutionary electric transportation technology, it is also quite possibly the most gorgeous car of the show.


Taking the know-how and technology from their 919 Hybrid Racecar, Porsche is serious about entering the electric vehicle market. The Mission E Concept car is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S, the current electric car segment leader. Porsche, understandably, wants to knock Tesla from it’s high-horse and claim the title of King.

Although this will be no small feat, given how much traction Tesla has gained from both consumers and industry, Porsche’s concept car looks to have the fundamentals to shake Tesla from the top spot. With two electric motors powering all four wheels, the Mission E has more than 600 hp and can hit 100 km/h from a standstill in 3.5 seconds. It also has a gorgeous exterior design to match that amazing performance. The Mission E is wide and low, with a roof height that matches the current 911. It even has rear suicide doors and a pillar-less design for easier ingress and egress.


The craziest part isn’t even the design or the performance, it’s the advancement is electric vehicle technology that the Porsche Mission E Concept displays. Maximum range is reportedly 310 miles, or about 500 km. Porsche has designed a proprietary charging system that can charge 80% of the battery, or 400km, in 15 minutes. Currently, this system is quite faster that what is currently available, even with Tesla’s supercharger system.

Not only is this concept important for Porsche as a company, it is important for the automotive industry and consumers everywhere. More and more automakers are starting to look at the success of Tesla and want a piece of their pie. This will create more competition amongst electric vehicles and ultimately benefit the consumers. Porsche’s commitment to electrifying their automobiles will demonstrate how far the technology has actually come, so that electric cars don’t have to be boring and blasé, they can be fun and exciting as well.




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