BMW M2 Revealed


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The gentlemen over at BMW’s “M” Division have finally got their hands on BMW’s smallest coupe, the 2 Series. Last night, they dropped the curtain to reveal the 2016 BMW M2 live on Periscope. And by looking at the figures, it promises to be quite a spectacular driver’s car.


The BMW M2 hosts a myriad of upgrades over the next sportiest car in the 2 series line-up, the M235i. Although they use the same turbo 3.0L inline six engine configuration, the M2’s engine is extensively modified. It uses the pistons, crankshaft main bearing shells, and other engine parts from the M3/M4 engine. This results in an increase of power to 365 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque (with an overboost to 369 lb-ft).

There will be two transmission options: a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual clutch unit. The dual clutch equipped car is actually reportedly lighter and faster to 60 mph. However, the weight difference between the two transmissions is odd as dual clutch transmissions tend to weigh more than their manual equipped counterparts.


While the manual M2 is rated at 3,505 lb and 4.4s to 60mph, the dual clutch M2 weighs in at just 3,450 lb and shaves two tenths off its 0-60mph time to 4.2s. To put the performance into perspective, the M2 has a better 0-60 mph time than the previous generation E90/E92 M3. Those who opt for the manual transmission will receive an auto rev-matching feature, which can be turned off if so inclined to. While those who opt for the DCT will get something called “smoky burnout function”. Yes this is what BMW actually calls it.

BMW hasn’t just stopped there. The M2 also gets the Active M Differential, BMW’s name for an electronically controlled limited slip differential, as well as an upgraded suspension set up. The dual clutch even gets its own transmission oil cooler to keep things in check on the track. Front track has increased by 2.3 inches and rear track has increased by 1.7 inches. It is also 0.3 inches lower than the M235i. There are also many carbon fiber parts that can be found throughout the car


No word on pricing yet, however expect the M2 to sell out like hotcakes when its time for order forms to be filled out. This is one of the most anticipated sporty coupes on the market and its guaranteed that dealerships wont be able to keep them on the showroom floor for long. Check out BMW’s offical M2 launch video below



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