Sema 2015 Wrap-Up


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SEMA seems to be the “Holy Grail” of automotive shows. The internet is filled with images of the craziest, most outlandish creations that are brought to the Specialty Equipment Market Association show year after year. So when Anthony, CEO of MadWhips Inc, told me that I was going to hop on a plane to Las Vegas for a week with an all-access media pass to this year’s SEMA show, needless to say I was pretty damn excited.



Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy


I am no stranger to Auto Shows. For the last three years, I have either volunteered or been paid to work at most Auto Shows in Ontario, from big and small to everything in between. But SEMA is something else completely. SEMA is a place where none of the cars are stock, and everything is over the top. The show isn’t even open to the public; probably for fear that they would explode with absolute astonishment. This is a chance for custom fabricators, wheel companies, and customization shops to show industry insiders what they can achieve with enough imagination, and money.

My duty at the show was to capture as much content as I could for our Snapchat and Periscope accounts. When I arrived at the show for the first day, I was not disappointed. Everywhere I looked, there was something with neon lights, or Lamborghini doors, or massive chrome rims. It seemed there was a widebody Liberty Walk kit for pretty much every car there. My brain literally could not keep up with my eyes to process everything around me. I was at SEMA for 4 days, and the show was so big that everyday I was there I would see something that astonished me. There was so much to see that I was never bored of all the crazy automotive creations around me.

SEMA 2015 was an amazing show. In many ways, the SEMA’s location, Las Vegas AKA Sin City, perfectly suits the show. Both the city and the show are over the top, with neon lights, no shortage of pretty girls, and the craziest cars around. From the seeing the unique builds, to talking to the owners, to absorbing the buzzing atmosphere around me, I hope that I will get to attend SEMA again in the future.

Here are some of the highlights that I found at the show:

BMW Z4 GT Continuum by Bulletproof Automotive

Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast

Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast

This is a custom, 1 of 1 BMW Z4 Continuum built by American tuning company Bulletproof Automotive. Talking with one of the members on the team who created this wonderful car, it was evident how passionate they were about this project. The custom bodywork is spot on, with fender flares that have an OEM look, as opposed to the bolted on kits made by Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk. The new front bumper and canards work well with the flowing lines of the car. Moving to the rear, the protruding butresses give the Z4 that old-school speedster look. The rear spoiler and diffuser work well together to give the rear end a rear aggressive racecar look.


VR800 Lamborghini Huracan

Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy

Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy

The Lamborghini Huracan had a strong presence at this year’s show, however this is the one that most piqued my interest. This particular Huracan, with the nomenclature VR800, adorns the first supercharger fitted on the 5.2L V10. Owned by Doug Almond, the supercharger is sourced from engineering firm VF Engineering and is in for all intents and purposes built to be a hypercar slayer. The blower boosts power to a healthy 800 HP, with a deadly combination of a slick dual clutch and AWD, this is one lethal car.


Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS DUB Widebody


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast

Modified Porsche 911s aren’t anything new, but there is something to be said when someone keeps to a theme. Sitting under the DUB tent outside, this bright orange widebody 911 caught my eye. This started out in life as a potent Targa 4 GTS, and then the boys over at DUB decided to go with a 930 Slantnose throwback. The widebody, vents fore of the rear wheel, targa top, and orange colour all hark back to the famous limited edition 911. The orange-lipped Forgiato rims do a good job of tying the design together.


Misha Design 458


Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy

This Misha Design Ferrari 458 was quite a unique bit of kit. Offering a very aggressive shape, Misha Design’s 458 accentuated the organic lines in the front, while taking cues from the LaFerrari/FXXK at the rear. It was quite striking in the metal. The rear spoiler looks like it would be on the FXXK if they bridged the gap between the little “winglets”. The black/gold Savini forged rims highlight the rest of the car.

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