Lamborghini “Centenario”


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Recent tests of the “Holy Trinity” hybrid cars, videos featuring the “Hyper 5”, and spy pictures of the new Bugatti Chiron, have left poor old Lamborghini out of the spotlight. But they will have none of that, especially when next year is Feruccio Lamborghini 100th Birthday. The Lamborghini Centenario will not only celebrate Lamborghini’s centennial, it will no doubt put some of the buzz back on them.

Photo Credits: @Whipdaddy

Photo Credits: @Whipdaddy

In a recent interview with UK’s Auto Express, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann revealed that brand with the Raging Bull will reveal an exclusive limited production car in celebration of Feruccio Lamborghini’s birthday. Production will be capped at only 20 units, and they have all been spoken for, naturally. Potential clients were shown a preproduction model and the reception has been good enough to warrant a green light. Winkelmann has stated that ““It is a car which is covering the best balance between tradition and innovation because we are speaking about performance, design, weight, aerodynamics and also the chassis in terms of adaptability control.”

With so much buzz about the other cars, it is easy to forget that they too make some serious performance machines, proven by the Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce’s Nordshleife incredible time of 6m59s. Second only to the mighty Porsche 918 Spyder, with a time of 6m57s.

Auto Express reports that the Centenario will almost certainly have a reworked version of the 6.5L V12 in the Aventador/SV. In Super Veloce guise, that glorious V12 makes 750 horsepower. Expect the Centenario to have a bit more.


Photo Credit: @longisland_supercars

In terms of design, it will be like no other car. An insider is on the record saying that it is“beautiful and not as extreme as you might expect”. When looking at some of Lamborghini’s other limited cars, or one-offs, they can be pretty extreme. Think Veneno, Egoista, and Reventon.

It is unclear whether Lamborghini will adapt that hybrid powertrain from the Asterion Concept for the Centenario. However, it is known that Stephan Winkelmann is strongly opposed to having a hybrid Lamborghini.

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