Porsche to Revive 718 Moniker for Boxster/Cayman


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Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy

Photo Credit: @Whipdaddy

Although the current 981 generation Porsche Boxster/Cayman has only been around since 2012, a new generation will be unveiled next year as a 2017 MY. Porsche is planning on making some serious changes to the platform and thus have revived the famous 718 moniker for the new generation.


Photo Credit: @basfransencarphotography

The original Porsche 718 was a celebrated racecar that Porsche built and successfully participated in sanctioned races from the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s. It used a mid-mounted small, but highly strung, 4 cylinder engine and featherweight chassis/body to achieve success in many races during its racing stint, including a class win and third overall in the 1958 LeMans.

The current Boxster and Cayman use a mid-mounted flat six as a means of propulsion, however Porsche has confirmed that the new 781 generation Boxster/Cayman will use a turbocharged flat four engine, hence the use of the 718 moniker. Early reports suggest that the engine will be a turbocharged 2.0L flat four making around 240 hp in the base car, while the “S” versions will receive about 300 hp.

Photo Credit: @sbsupercars

Photo Credit: @sbsupercars

Interestingly, Porsche will switch up the pricing strategy between the two. Currently, all things equal, the Cayman costs a little bit more than the Boxster. However, Porsche will have the 718 Cayman priced a bit below the 718 Boxster.

Porsche has already made the switch to turbocharged engines in both the base and “S” 911 Carreras. This has caused quite the controversy with self-proclaimed Porsche “Purists”, who likes naturally aspirated engines and a more visceral feel from the new cars that they make. This is not a surprise, as every time Porsche takes a step forward technologically, the “purists” seem to complain that the cars aren’t “what they used to be”. This will be no different, but I am sure they will eventually get over it.

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