Top Gear’s New Hosts


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Rejoice Top Gear fans! Although we are sad to see Clarkson, Hammond, and May leave the show, we can be satisfied with the fact that Amazon has picked them up and will be releasing a new show soon. Now that leaves us wondering who will take over BBC’s Top Gear. We already know Chris Evans is confirmed to be one of the hosts, however The Sun is now reporting that Chris Harris, Sabine Schmitz, and F1 driver David Coulthard will join him.

Chris Harris.    Photo Source:

Chris Harris. Photo Source:

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Sabine Schmitz. Photo Source:


Top Gear, as a brand, is very valuable to the BBC. In fact, when Jeremy Clarkson was fired off Top Gear, critics were wondering where the £40 million a year that Top Gear was generating for the BBC. So it is no wonder that they were searching for new hosts to continue milking the cash cow.

Unlike the previous hosts, both Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz are proven drivers. If you need a reminder, Chris Harris has amassed an impressive following on the internet for his contributions to Jalopnik, Evo Magazine, and Autocar, as well as on the /Drive Youtube network and his ChrisHarrisOnCars Youtube channel. Sabine Schmitz is known as the “Queen of the Nurburgring” as she has raced the 24 hours of Nurburgring and countless car reviews on the ‘Ring. She was also a regular guest on Top Gear, participating in challenge and even trained Clarkson on how to drive properly. Chris Evans was a popular BBC Radio host, as well as a proper “petrolhead” and an avid Ferrari collector. David Coulthard is a retired Formula 1 driver that raced for McLaren, securing a second place finish in the 2001 Season, behind Michael Schumacher.


Chris Evans.    Photo Source:

Chris Evans. Photo Source:

David Coulthard.    Photo Source:

David Coulthard. Photo Source:


The magic of Top Gear has always been the chemistry between the hosts. It will be interesting to see how the new hosts get along together. However, this is all just speculation as neither Chris Harris nor Sabine has confirmed their role as new hosts. The new season is set to debut on May 8th, 2016.

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