Watch Some of the Most Exclusive Cars Go To Auction


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carrera gt (1)

Photo By : loganm710

Most people go to a dealership or answer a private ad when they purchase their vehicle. However, there are some very special collector’s cars that can only be bought at an RM Sotheby auction. RM Sotheby is the leading auction house for collectible cars that are sourced from well-tailored collections and owners. Literally, millions of dollars’ worth of the world’s most exclusive cars are auctioned off to wealthy collectors from all around the world.

With such a high-profile event, there are expectations of how much the vehicles will sell. As this is an auction, the cars are sold at what the market is willing to pay. There is always going to be the unexpected hits and some real upsets when a very-hyped car fails to reach pre-auction estimates or reserves. For example, a Porsche Carrera GT failed to meet expectations when it went for just $700,000 USD at Scottsdale, AZ. That may seem a lot, however pre-auction estimates were topping the $1-million USD mark.

RM Sotheby just kicked off their auction tour with Scottsdale, AZ being the first stop on the route. The Paris auction happened just yesterday. UK’s EVO has, thankfully, uploaded a full stream of the auctions. Take a look below to watch them.

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