Ferrari F40 Snow Drift Video


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The other preparations for winter are are finished. Huge quadruple fog lamp is to nose stain Nurari and red. Because genuine racing car, luggage should I mean, tying the roof carrier. But, the favorite cassette tape, this is a sleepless pillow did not forget no.

After all, it is Ferrari F40. Kano F1 driver, as Beruharuto Berger was commandments and “Do not out of the garage is a rainy day.” Its power is catastrophic, approaching the immediate danger to the driver if make a mistake 1mm the amount of stepping on the accelerator. In addition, before the value that the current market price is more than 100 million yen, hear a lot of people to loosen the power of the right foot to step on the accelerator.

But, after all. Not only a tool for the car is running also try to retaining clips What price tag. So, this guy is always run through at full throttle.

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