McLaren P14


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McLaren recent model launches have been going at the pace of a full blown industrial compound. Every time a new powerhouse came out it was followed by another even more able successor.

2016 is supposed to be bringing in the new entry-level Sports Series alongside with the beastly 650S coupe spinoff – the 675LT, at least two more 650S special editions and the beautiful P1 GTR. The latter seems to be a little gift for those whose pockets are deep enough for a P1, but whose brains are still craving adrenalin after giving it a spin.

Following all these new releases one would think McLaren has reached its limits, but don’t judge too soon because the new model for the next year is already in process and all that we know of it is the internal model code, P14. The P14 is supposed to replace the 650S and according to McLaren’s senior representatives it’s destined to become a junior P1, which makes the car much more desirable.

As the 650S was in essence a reworked MP4-12C, despite the fact that both cars were available for purchase at the same time, the hint of that something was lacking in the 12C was obvious. It wasn’t the performance, but rather the dynamics and the looks that were fixed by the appearance of the 650S. In the case of the P14 we are in for something even greater.

Following the McLaren’s tendency of building road cars around a shared component set, the P14 will make use of the MonoCell carbon fiber tub and will be powered by the 3.8-liter twin turbo V-8. The company is determined to beat Ferrari, so it’s safe to say that the P14 will be striving to exceed the capabilities of the 661-hp 488-GTB; most likely reaching over 680hp.

We can only guess what other exciting features will be brought to us in this new release. The recently reduced cost of McLaren’s carbon fiber components suggests that the extra funds will be diverted to other components of the car, improving on the lacking sides of the previous models. We’re not certain if the P14 will get the P1 features like the Hybrid drivetrain, but the slick aerodynamics are certain to bring the downforce, grip and speed up to the point.

As the P14 is just an internal model code, we might be seeing it released under another name. Nonetheless, the excitement of pitting the 488-GTB versus the P14 grows larger as we count the days until the final release.

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