$25 Million Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider Headed to Monaco Auctions


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It has recently been announced that May’s RM Sothebys Monaco auction house will be host to the ridiculously expensive Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider. This immortal classic is taking its title seriously, having the estimated price settled at the humble $25 million.

This rare 1 out of 10 limited edition 275 series Ferrari was the last NART Spider to leave the Ferrari plant in the year 1968 and the only one to have been sold brand new in Europe, as the other 9 got shipped straight to the USA.

This exact car with the chassis number 11057 was also the only model to originally appear in a Grigio Scuro paint job that was combined with a Nero interior. In February 1968 this beauty was sold brand new through Concesionario Tayre of Madrid to a Spanish Colonel of the Foreign Legion.

It’s unclear whether the chassis number 11057 Spider was actually taken across the streets of Gibraltar, but it was later returned to Tayre and then sold to Jose Segimon, a Madridian Ferrari collector, who registered it on Spanish licence plates M 3249 BP. He added this car to his already exceptional Ferrari collection that included a 166M Barchetta and a 750 Monza.
In 1982 this car made its way to the UK, where it acquired its red paint and in July 1983 it ended up in the hands of a Swiss car collector named Albert Obrist. He fully restored the 275 GTS and decided that the car should be finished in dark grey metallic.
After that it stayed in the hands of the Obrist family for 12 years and in 1995 it was passed through Chris Cox’s and then later on Carlos Monteverde’s collections, before being purchased by Bernard Carl, who was from Washington DC. Although the owner was from the States, the car never actually made it there, it was instead stored back in the UK. In 2001 it reacquired a shade of red paint that it has till today and got fitted with a set of Borani wire wheels.

In 2007 the 275 GTS Spider was certified by Ferrari Classische, making the status of the car official and further increasing its value. In October 2009 it changed owners once more, taking its spot in Lord Irvine Laidlaw’s garage in the UK. In his hands the car got itself a beige interior by O’Rourke’s Coach Trimmers in West-Sussex. The last sighting of this car was during the Classic Car Tour of Tuscany in 2011, being driven by Lord Laidlaw’s wife.

Now Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider in all its 1960s V12 glory and a huge baggage of history in all of its compartments is headed to become the absolute top priced feature of RM Sotheby’s Monaco auctions, hitting the selling price between €19.000.000 and €21.000.000.


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