Mazzanti EV-R destined to reach 250mph


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Mazzanti EV-R

It’s very common to see many smaller supercar manufacturers, ones that aren’t very well known, come along and build a car looking to make a big impression on the rest of the world and compete with the supercar giants. Noble, Zenvo and Rezvani all are example of small supercar companies who had made ridiculous cars attempting to steal the giants’ thunder. These kinds of companies have made HUGE inroads in technology and design, showing that even small companies can really give the giants a run for their money. However, they don’t really seem to be getting any more popular. If you walk out to the street and ask any person what kind of supercar they would buy, you’ll get the normal answers: Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mclaren, Lamborghini. Not a single person would name off one of these smaller companies.

But let’s not forget, Bugatti wasn’t very popular many many years ago. However, when they finally created the record smashing Veyron in 2005, the whole world had their attention. All of the sudden, every kid in the sixth grade was having dreams about owning a Veyron.

That being said, if you do happen to be a small supercar company looking to get on the radar, just know that you’ll have to create something ridiculous to be seen.

And that’s what Italian supercar manufacturer Mazzanti plans to do with it’s upcoming hypercar.

Called the Mazzanti EV-R, it is a more extreme version of the company’s already existing car: The Mazzanti Evantra.

Recently, Mazzanti Released a teaser video of their new hypercar stating the goals of a 250mph top speed. Which just so happens to be faster than the LaFerrari and the Pagani Huayra. However, it is still just short of the Veyron Grand sport Vitesse’s Record of 254 mph, it’s still an amazing feat nonetheless.

Where this car has Veyron like performance, with a 7.2 twin turbocharged V-8 which is assumed to put out something close to 1000bhp, the car doesn’t exactly have Veyron-like looks. Because the car doesn’t look half bad!

Sure, the massive air ducts and roof scoop look like ideas that were taken from an 8 year old’s sketch book, but it’s a massive improvement over the revolting looks of the Veyron.

A 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds, carbon ceramic brakes from Brembo, lightweight wheels from OZ racing, and very sticky tires from Pirelli have us very excited for the launch of this Veyron competing Hypercar.

The world debut of this car will take place in a few weeks at the 2016 Turin Auto Show on June 8th.

Stay tuned!

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