Aston Martin DB11 Revealed at Geneva 2016 Motor Show


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In Aston Martin’s attempt to redesign the whole company by introducing a brand new engine, design and electrics, the DB11 comes as a big step towards their mission. However, many questions arise when such a company performs a huge makeover. Have they got it right? Can all the new elements they have put into this redesign of the company come and work together for it to bring in new success to the company?

Aston Martin did not exaggerate when they called the DB11 “the most significant new Aston Martin since the introduction of the DB9 in 2003”.

But, for us to understand why Aston Martin feels that the DB11 will bring in so much success to the company, it is only right we look into the specs of this beast. First off, the engine is a V12 that is mounted in the front of the vehicle and runs through an eight speed auto gearbox. This may seem like a simple engine, but what may come has a surprise is that this engine was created by Aston Martin themselves. Furthermore, the DB11 produces 608bhp and has a torque of 516ft which comes from the 5.2liter two turbochargers it possesses. Unlike many other competitors, Aston Martin chose to add their new turbos to the DB11 without a smaller engine. Having taken such a bold move to retain their bigger engine while adding on new turbos, the effect of how powerful the DB11 should be noticeable in its increases of the low and midrange torque. That being said, this beast should be able to pull from nothing on its way to a top speed of 200mph, while also being able to pass 62mph just 3.9sec after launch.

In addition, there will be three drivers modes which will have included adaptive dampers, torque vectoring and a limited slip differential in the handling and ride stakes.

Aston Martin has put in a lot of work into the DB11 in an effort to attract new customers to their brand and they exhibited this effort by ensuring that the air flows effortlessly as possible through, over and round the car and particularly through the air ducts for the brakes. Furthermore, at the rear of the DB11 the air flows over something called an Aeroblade which is in effect a virtual wing.

Being compared to one of the other vehicles Aston Martin has to offer such as the DB9, the DB11 is 65mm longer in the wheelbase, 28mm wider and 50mm longer. Having offered a noticeable difference from the DB9, the DB11 will be able to offer more room. Aside from being a sports car, it still has enough space for you to fit your children in the rear seats for a nice family drive.

Lastly, the DB11 won’t be delivered to the UK until the start of autumn in which prices are starting at £154,900.



Aston Martin DB11 at the Geneva 2016 Motor Show

Aston Martin DB11 at the Geneva 2016 Motor Show

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