Is the BMW i3 capable of responding to the threat of the Tesla Model 3 in its market?


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When Elon Musk revealed his latest tesla design, the Tesla Model 3, it caught the eyes of many people as it drew a demand of 400,000 reservation just before the chance Musk had to get back into his leather chair and continue to pet his white cat. Blofeld-ian tendencies aside, the Model 3 stands out as it is offering desirable automotive proposition. Having designed such a master piece, the Model 3 is becoming a threat to the BMW I3 as its sales are being affected by this new automotive proposition. Thus, to compete against the Tesla Model 3, the BMW I3 has updated itself for it to stand a chance against the new and upcoming Tesla Model 3. However, the question is that does it actually stand a chance against the Tesla Model 3?

Well some believe that it does for the following reasons.

The Tesla Model 3 will be released in 2018 and it will come into the market has a tough competitor. While there is still no official information of the Model 3, many still believe it will produce some big numbers even though the car is still in its production stage. The reasoning behind such a statement is, because many believe that offering the smallest available battery which is capable of proposing 215 miles of range, 0-60mpg in under six seconds for a price of around $ 30,000 makes it stand out from its competitors and in particular the updated i3. The BMW I3 is not capable of matching the specs that the model 3 has to offer has it would have 100 miles less of range then the Model 3 and a slower 0-60 mph time at a price that’s $12,000 higher than the I3.

However, the updated BMW I3 still has many things to offer as it will now pack 114 miles of pure BEV range, which is an upgrade of 33 miles more than the original i3. But, despite this added range, the battery of the updated I3 is no larger than what it was before, but it may have just increased a bit in weight as the battery grew in density, because of the added range. Nevertheless, with this added range the performance numbers stayed the same which helped out BMW has they were able to increase their range without any negative impact.

Despite the updated I3 having 114 miles of range which is still drastically less than the Model 3’s claimed 215, it is still more range than the average American commute. Even though the updated i3 can’t match the Model 3 it still has some other qualities to offer such as being a compact car with excellent practicality, being lighter than the Model 3 because of its Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic construction and also being the more exotic car out of the two. It is also programmed with the new latest iDrive technology. Lastly, one major thing that makes the updated i3 stand a chance against the Model 3 is that it actually exists.

Whenever the Tesla Model 3 actually comes out, it will be one of the best Electric vehicles in its market if it is capable of living up to the expectations it set out to be. If so, it would become nearly impossible for any competitors to beat this EV at anywhere near its price range. However, in contrast to how amazing the Model 3 will be, many still believe that the BMW i3 will always be successful in its market as it will continue to remain a smaller, more compact and practical car available in the best cities today.




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