Storm Brewing Within the Ford Company?


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2017 Ford GT

Kip Ewing, the genius who is responsible for the engineering work on the brand new 2017 Ford GT has just resigned from the company. His departure comes as a surprise to many as he left in one of the most critical times for Ford as they were trying to break into the exotic car industry with their development of the 2017 Ford GT.  Ewing always gave 110% for Ford since he started working for them over 20 years ago. Ewing was known for his major role in the development of the Shelby GT500 and the original 2005 Ford GT, and his planning and development for the new 2017 GT in early 2014.

Questions have begun to arise within Ford as if there was any sort of bad blood between Ewing and the Company, as his departure came at a critical time for the corporation. Ford spokesman Mike Levine addressed the situation regarding Ewing’s departure by claiming that Ewing was “not the chief engineer of the Ford GT”. However, many seem to not believe in the words that are coming out of the mouth of the spokesmen as there is a contradiction of his statement. Looking back at two interviews in January 2015 with Car and Driver and April 2015 with Hot Rod, Kip Ewing was identified in both interviews as the “Chief Engineer of the Ford GT”. Therefore, what is leading up to this contradicting statement from Mike Levine?

Furthermore, to clarify the question of was Ewing really the Chief engineer of the new Ford GT, Mike added on that Jameel Hameedi is the actual chief engineer of the new GT. But it still remains a mystery of who is telling the truth as on Ewing’s own LinkedIn Page cites a title of “Engineering Supervisor” for himself. In addition to his resignation, Ewing claimed that he ended things off with Ford on a good note as he stated on his Facebook page that it was a “good day to resign” from an “awesome” tenure at Ford. Nevertheless, even though Ewing makes it seem like that himself and Ford ended their relationship on a happy note, many still question his decision has he played a major part for Ford’s attempt into breaking in the exotic car industry. Therefore, questions still remain to be unanswered and we won’t know further details as both Ewing and Ford has been hard to reach surrounding his departure.


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