Audi’s Future Plans for the Electric Vehicle Industry


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Audi E-Tron Concept

As years go on the auto industry continues to evolve. Lately many car companies are joining the EV market as it is beginning to grow steadily. Recently Audi has launched a plan to release a new electric vehicle model every year as a way of contributing and trying to make an impact in the EV market. Audi will being to release a new EV model every year beginning in 2018, as it is trying to catch up with its other competitors in this luxurious market.

Audi will begin their new journey by releasing its very first all-electric luxury class SUV, which will be based on the Audi E-Tron Quattro concept. Audi’s plan to release a EV car every year shouldn’t come as a surprise to many as it was plan that was in the making since Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi, made the announcement of expanding on the commitment that was made last year by Audi of America president Scott Keogh who stated that at least ¼ of the all Audi cars to be sold in the U.S. will be electric vehicles by 2025.

Stadler also added that this concept of releasing Audi electric vehicles every year won’t just enter the industry as a market niche, rather it will enter the market as a high volume segment car such as its wagons, SUVs, and Q line of crossovers.

Audi has been known for shifting most of its attention to producing gas and diesel powered vehicles along with a few electric hybrids, but over the last year the effort put into producing more electric vehicles has increased for Audi due to the emission scandal its parent company Volkswagen was involved with.  Therefore, if there wasn’t a time before for Audi to speed up its process of producing new EV cars to compete with other competitors, they just happened to pick the right time to do it now as they are trying to shift the negative publicity away from their parent company’s wrongdoing.

Stadler advised for more global rapid charging network stations to encourage others to switch to electric vehicles as he notices that hybrids and plug in hybrids are becoming transitional and bridging technology for the company.

Furthermore, Stadler’s continued push for Audi’s attempt to innovate the electric vehicle market did not make him forget about other fuels like hydrogen, gas, and diesel. Instead, Stadler and his company has figured out ways for its H-Tron Quattro concept car to operate on electric power with hydrogen being used as the energy source.

In addition to its plan of releasing electric vehicles, Audi has announced its plan to reorganize its network of factories to accommodate the companies spacing for all these new electric SUVs. Audi has made the arrangements to move its production of the A1 subcompact hatchback to a plant in Spain and its Audi Q3 to Hungary in order to make the adjustments needed to begin the production of these new Electric Vehicles. Lastly, Audi has proclaimed that a factory in Brussels will be responsible for producing the lithium ion batteries that will be needed by Audi and others Volkswagen brands.


Audi E-Tron Concept

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