The Dendobrium. Signapore’s Electric Supercar


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Vanda Electric, a new company out of Signapore, is making the country’s first electric supercar.

The prototype for the Dendobrium will debut at Geneva Motor Show in 2017.

Williams Advanced Engineering, the people behind the Formula One team, as well as SG are behind the project with approx. $10 Million in funding from Titan Capital.

Some Concept Rendering has been done and we’d like to say that we are very excited!

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.07.25 PM


The all carbon/aluminum body will be designed by London based company – EPTA. Their Renderings of the Dendobrium.

Specifications from

Total Length: 5540mm
Total Width: 2270mm 
Total Height: 1100mm 
Curb Weight: 1750kg 
Wheelbase: 3530mm
Torque: 4000Nm
Power Output: 1500HP
Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 2.6s 
Top speed: 400km/h 
Range: 400km
Battery Capacity: 90-100kWh
Powered by 4 electric motors
Incorporates All Wheel Torque Vectoring system with stability function
Adjustable height for road and track operation
Two Seater, twin door
Carbon fiber and aluminum body and chassis
Liquid cooled batteries and motor

Vanda Electric is sure to disrupt the market with this supercar if this venture takes off. Long Time Supercar makers like Ferrari and Bugatti are likely to be jealous with a new startup company that can make cars with four times the torque.

We’ve already seen how the Tesla P90D can crush most supercars on the market today. If the Dendobrium is made, we will have an all electric car that would destroy most hypercars.

Maybe there’s something to this electric thing after all.


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