Fastest Convertible Ever on it’s way in 2017?


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Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Concept

The concept of a LaFerrari Spider shouldn’t come as a surprise to many as leaked images of the hyper car has been spotted on the internet for a good few months now.

But now all those rumors can be put to aside as the car is well and truly for real. The car became a reality as the company chairman of Ferrari and the Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has just confirmed that the car is indeed real. Marchionne explained in an interview with Automobile Mag that “The only future product connected to LaFerrari is the Spider. Which is no secret since potential customers have already been approached.”

However, in depth details of new hyper car are still yet to be confirmed. There has been talks of this naming this car a much softer name such as “LaFerrarina” because of it being a friendly open top hyper car.

Even though this beast may be released in the near future, Ferrari has a history of building extremely convertible versions of its car in a limited run. An example was in 2014 there was the F60 America that was only sold exclusively in America has only 10 were built for a price of 1.5 million dollars. Moving on there was the 458 Speciale Aperta for which only 499 were built and were sold for a price of $228,682.

The removal of the LaFerrari’s roof should have little to none impact on torsional rigidity, because of the fact that the LaFerrari features an advanced carbon fiber passenger cell that uses multiple types of carbon and only weighs about 75kg. Therefore, turning the car into a convertible pre caution steps should be taken as the system used can expect a weigh penalty to occur over the hard-top.

Unlike the LaFerrari in which 499 of them were built with a price tag of over $1 million. Marchionne has stated that the new LaFerrari Spider will be more exclusive.

The specs of the LaFerrari’s 960bhp V12 hybrid engine will also be intact with the spider. However questions that arise are that will the spider be in the same state of tune remains to be a question unanswered. Also, given that Ferrari are taking a softer approach towards this new concept, is there a possibility that the 160 bhp electric motor could be scrapped? However, that seems to be very unlikely given LaFerrari’s role as a flagship product in the Ferrari range. Moreover, some of the changes to expect is a setup change and chassis revisions that will be better designed to suit the compatibility of a convertible.

The last question that remains with this hyper car is that has Ferrari built one of the fastest convertible ever in mankind? Well, we all will find out soon when it is released in 2017.

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