Mclaren’s 200mph electric car


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Speaking of more of the electric car news, British Automobile Manufacturer, Mclaren are looking towards creating their very own 200 mph electric supercar.

We’ve all seen how effective Mclaren’s electric power can be when combined with a gasoline engine as it was in the Mclaren P1, however, a fully electric car that is capable of similar performance has us wondering how they plan to pull it off.

Electric cars have come a long way over the past few years, and performance electric cars, which are very new, but being developed very well.

We’ve already seen a Tesla Model S give a Lamborghini Aventador a run for it’s money, and with the implementation of Formula E and the development of the Dendobrium project, it’s safe to say that performance electric cars are indeed, the way of the future.

A report from Auto Express states that the new EV will be using the Mclaren P1 as a base, meaning that it may be a cheaper alternative than Mclaren’s flagship.

Mclaren’s EV is predicted to have a 200+ mph capabilities, possibly making it faster than Mclaren’s 675LT. This newer car, therefore, could have an effect on the value of some Mclaren’s.

At this year’s Geneva Motor show, Mclaren announced that 50% of it’s lineup would be hybrid or electric powered cars by 2022. This proposal included 1 billion (GBP) and an introduction of 15 new models before that time.

2016 McLaren 675LT Spider Media Launch Scotland

2016 McLaren 675LT Spider Media Launch Scotland

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