Ferrari 458 MM Speciale


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Recently, Ferrari has revealed a one-off version of their awe-inspiring 458 Speciale. This model in particular is named the Ferrari 458 Speciale MM. IT was commissioned by one of Ferrari’s british customers and the body is completely reworked.

The car features the same platform as the 458 Speciale. The same chassis, engine, gearbox and differential. However, ┬áthe Speciale MM features an all aluminum bodywork with a “visor” or “cockpit” style front windscreen where the glass connects to the side windows or either side.

Ferrari says that the window shape and body style is reminiscent to the 1984 Ferrari GTO.

The Carbon fibre composite front and rear ends of the car are more aggressive and aerodynamic than the standard. In addition, the car has very unique taillights and a Bianco paint job and a Cioccolato leather interior with white stitching.

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